Kawasaki Z2 - 750RS

Reference site for all Z2 enthusiasts

      1973 Z2 detail Images



                         Above photo shows 4 differences to Z1

                   ·    750 Side panel badge     ·     Orange reflector on rear shock absorbers

                   ·    Licence plate holder       ·     42 Tooth rear sprocket / 96 link chain


             Additionally, it shows the seat strap and fixed footrests (left) common to the

        European models.


             The above photograph also shows an authentic Japanese licence plate fitted

            to the licence plate holder. All Japanese licence plates must be of a correct

            style and size. Accordingly, this allowed KHI to manufacture a holder that

            the licence plate could clip into and then be screwed to the rear light bracket     



    The 2 pictures below show the Z2 document tray / wiring diagram and the Japanese text warning stickers in their correct locations




Z2 speedometer with red line at 80KPH. As a further reminder, it was a legal requirement to have a red warning light

(with accompanying sticker) fitted which would illuminate at 80KPH.


26mm Mikuni carburettors and black suppressor caps fitted as standard.