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NOTE: This website is no longer being updated or maintained.  It remains on the internet purely as a reference site.

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Welcome to this website relating to all things Z2. Hopefully, the following pages will provide some useful information to all non-Japanese speaking Z2 owners and enthusiasts alike. Anyone who has tried to get facts on this model via the Internet will have struggled to find anything of note. Sure, there are plenty of web pages out there, but unfortunately 95% of them are written in Japanese.

Perhaps you are an enthusiast of the legendary Z1 and want to know a little more about this relatively rare (outside of Japan) model, or perhaps you are one of the few lucky (non-Japanese) owners of this motorcycle. It is difficult to estimate how many have found their way around the world, but having run this site for a couple or so years I'd guess there are no more than 150 outside Japan. Of these, I'd suspect about 25-50 in USA, 25-50 in Australia, 10-20 in UK, likewise in Germany, 5-10 in France, another 10-20 scattered around Europe and perhaps another 10-20 scattered around East Asian countries. Remember that for approximately every six Z1's manufactured there was only one Z2 made, so even in Japan they are relatively rare.


A pattern has emerged of how and why these Z2 models ended up outside their home market. For example, it seems that nearly all Z2 in USA were brought back by servicemen stationed in or near Japan during the 1970's. The UK Z2's were probably all imported from USA in the 'Great Z1 Drain' of the USA in the early 1990's when Z1's (and the odd Z2) were shipped to UK by the container load. I believe the German bikes were 'Grey' Imports at the time of manufacture by 'Detlev Louis' GmbH, while the Australasian bikes were shipped direct from Japan in the late 70's early 80's since Japanese bikers were always after the 'latest' models and Australia was a convenient and cost effective destination to offload their old bikes. I'm sure many more Z2 left Japan than the 150 or so estimated survivors but these ended up being broken for spares, scrapped or accident damaged.


This site is not exhaustive on content, nor is it necessarily completely accurate. If you either spot any errors or have any other useful information or images you can share, please email me at z2.john@yahoo.co.uk


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